Mar 23, 2010

home improvement update: leak fixed

We paid the plumber today: $285. J thinks it's a good deal for all the work that was done. He also told me that we were probably charged cheaply cos the plumber wouldn't "declare" it (read: tax evasion?). :-P Thinking about it now the gardener who did the front patch probably did the same cos I didn't receive my invoice in the mail. :-P

Anyway, the water pressure is changed. It's not as strong as it used to be but it still feels good to shower. :) We might get the plumber's service when we decide to renovate the bathroom.

After looking at the numbers, it's looking like the renovation on the kitchen and bath would cost about the same. So here I am back to weighing the best option. At this point I'd just like to get a quote on labor cost to renovate the bath. The bathroom fixtures and furniture are about $4k only, so I don't want to get a labor quote of $4k too! The last builder gave us an estimate (labor and fixtures and appliances) of about $15k. WTF?!

We're targeting to get something done about either the kitchen or bath by the middle of winter, and then sell the house.

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