Feb 20, 2009

helping a friend

A work friend just moved into a new house and she complained about the amount of junk she has. She has all these little trinkets and figurines from her mother. I'm thinking that they might be worth something more than $5 so I suggested that she holds a garage sale and that I would help if she decides to. I have some stuff I want to give away and I can use her garage sale to sell mine too.

After some moments she agreed and thought it was a good idea. Despite the sentimental value her "crap" has, she is thrilled by the idea of also getting rid of them. We are tentatively setting it in March before fall starts feeling wintery to ensure people would still enjoy being out. The irony of this is that her mother just flew in for a visit and will be staying in the country for a while. :-)

The other day she was complaining about some confusion in her budget but also thanked me for giving her my template. That was really nice to hear on a bleak day. :)

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