Jan 26, 2008

Loose change in the car

It pays to always keep loose change in the car. We try to replenish our loose change in the car but this time we didn’t. J said I promised I would but I didn’t. I said I promised I would and I did. Whatever it was surely doesn’t matter anymore because we were issued a $40-illegal parking ticket!

J ran an errand for me and parked along Cuba St. and thought he wouldn’t take a long time to finish the errand. He didn’t pay by credit card either because it would charge him in full. So with all fingers crossed, he dashed to run the errand for me. He ended up waiting in line for probably longer than he expected and got back to the car with the ticket. Learning from this experience, I immediately took a handful of loose change from our loose-change box and put them in the car.

The same day we received a check for $18 from our previous gas provider. So for that day we lost $22. Still a loss! Make sure you have change in your cars!

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