Jan 13, 2008

Getting Deals + Baby Shower

I didn’t know that The Warehouse Stationery had a sale on the cubby. J brought home my closet (the 12-cubby) for only $125.30! Not $179 as I originally mentioned. What a deal! I’m very pleased that we didn’t OD further.

I worked from home today and that means saving money. No further OD.

Baby Shower
2 weeks ago we bought a cot. Today I received a newsletter from the store that they are having their sale. They don’t go on sale with their cots but they are giving away $100 worth of beddings for every purchase of cot and mattress. Sucks to have missed that opportunity because we just purchased 2 sheet sets last weekend, but I would not have waited this late to get a cot because I’m so close to my due date. I’ll have a baby shower this weekend anyway. We’ll see what the baby will receive. I didn’t really plan to have a baby shower. In fact it was a co-worker who asked me about it and organised it with my manager. Aren’t they sweet and nice ladies? I didn’t want a baby shower only for the girls so I made it a point to invite male co-workers as well. It would just be another Saturday afternoon of food and booze, and of course gift giving to me. I hope that they would take advantage of sales.

I listed down what I already have and the items I’d like to have. I’m excited to find out what they will get my baby! Sometimes I feel that I’m not deserving of such a party. I don’t know. I don’t really have that kind of entitlement issue, where I’d think I deserve every good thing this world could offer me that would end up with people hating me. J said that the baby shower is my day and that I should not stress about preparing food for it. I can’t help it! It’s going to be held at home and I can’t stop thinking like a hostess. I’m glad that it wasn’t me who organised the baby shower. To me it feels like a selfish party – holding one to receive gifts! I know it is what it is, but I can’t help it!

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